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Some of you clicked on this section because you are runners and were excited to see what I have to offer, the rest of you are thinking, “Running?  Are you kidding me!”  I have good news if you’re the latter, you actually do not have to be a runner in order to do a triathlon.  Yep, you read that right!  You do not have to be a "runner."  Running is the final leg of a triathlon, and by the time you get there, you're usually pretty tired.  At Cain Coaching we'll work with you to ensure you're as strong as you can be when you get to the run.  We work on proper running form to decrease risk of injury, improve efficiency, and pacing to make sure you achieve your personal best. 

I also understand some individuals have physiological reasons that make running impossible, so I also instruct power-walking techniques as well as the Galloway walk/run method to help you achieve your dream of doing a triathlon within the time restriction.  No matter what your reason, I can work with you to make your goal attainable to race in triathlons.  I even train clients in water running to help improve endurance, ensure proper form all while preserving joint health.  We also use water running to maintain endurance while recovering from an injury.

If you are a runner, I can help you run better and faster through training sessions to help you improve speed, endurance and power.  No matter what distance you run, you need to be strong, powerful and train to increase your endurance.  I look at your flexibility, posture and do time trials to assess your current abilities as well as potential for the future.

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