Gift Certificates Available...

If you'd like to purchase a gift certificate for someone, please fill out this form and include the amount.  You will receive an invoice for the amount.  When the invoice is paid, you will receive a digital copy of the gift certificate via email to present to your favorite triathlete!  Gift certificates can be used for private training sessions, training plans, or training groups. 

Cain Coaching Team Training (5 slots left!)

Early Season Triathlon Team Registration

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The Cain Coaching Tri Team is proud to offer a variety of training programs at Still Hopes’ State of the Art Wellness Center in West Columbia.  Still Hopes is our Premier Sponsor and gives us access to their beautiful facilities to train year-round!  We are a USA Triathlon Sanctioned Club and also participate in the Ironman TriClub Program, which grants us the benefit of early entry into IM events.  These programs are designed for all athletic levels of individuals seeking a fitness community, camaraderie and to get in shape or reach new PR’s (personal records) in a fun, encouraging, uplifting group training environment.  Please email Stefanie at to inquire or to register.

Private training sessions are available as well.

2018 Tri Team Training Sessions

Join Team Cain for a fun, effective, encouraging, uplifting, and successful group triathlon training for adults ages 50+. We enjoy training for triathlons together as a group coached by a USA Triathlon coach. Still Hopes is our Premier Team Sponsor and allows us to use their state of the art wellness center!
Please register online to secure your spot. $50 deposit to secure your spot.
Limited to 20 participants.
Cost: $225 for 10 weeks OR $850 paid up front for all four 10-week sessions [Jan 3-Oct 13]
What do you get?
--Fitness and functional movement assessments (performed every 10 weeks at designated date/time)
--Biometric screening: body fat percentage and circumference measures (designated training session)
--3 coached training sessions per week: (swimming, cycling, running, strength, flexibility) Mon 5:45pm, Wed 6am, Thur 6 or 7am
--Personalized and individual training plan based on your racing schedule, goals and fitness level for each 10 week session
--Access to USA Triathlon certified coach for questions, information and feedback
--A nutrition information session during each training block (10 weeks)
--Race plan for races while training with the team

Payment must be made in full prior to the start of training.
Payment plans and gifts certificates available.

Session 1:  January 3 - March 10 [Now taking registrations]

Session 2: March 19 - May 26

Session 3: May 28 - Aug 4

Session 4: Aug 6 - Oct 13

Off-Season begins Oct 22

January Water Running for Triathletes and Runners

This class is for triathletes and runners who are interested in giving their joints a break from pounding the pavement, learning a new method of cross training, are recovering from an injury or wanting to get back in shape.
We run in a shallow water pool and do a variety of drills and cross training methods to build strength and endurance. We focus on proper form, strengthening legs, hips, pelvic floor and core to improve run form and efficiency.
This class runs on a monthly basis, and is limited to 8 participants. We meet on Thursdays from 8am-9am at Still Hopes in West Columbia. The next session begins in November (we break for Thanksgiving etc).
The cost is based on the number of participants ($37.50 for 8 participants for 4 x 1-hour sessions). If the class is full the cost is less, and if it is not full the cost is slightly more.

Please fill out the form and select Monday (7-8pm) or Thursday (8-9am).  You will receive an email confirmation and then an invoice via email before the class once the amount is determined based on participation.  Each class is limited to 8 participants, and once a class is full, you'll be placed on a waiting list in the order you register. 

You will need a swimsuit and towel, and I would highly recommend water shoes, but they are not required. You do not need a cap/goggles.

*Please note, there are no refunds once invoices have been sent. 


Coming Soon...

Beginning in January 2018, an online strength and conditioning training program will be available to you.  The program will consist of weekly strength training videos delivered to your inbox.  You'll be able to complete each training session at home with just a few pieces of equipment.  Cain Coaching will help you stay strong, toned, work on muscle balance and help correct weak areas during training season.  You'll be able to contact me with questions or for tips/ideas on how to modify exercises as needed.  Registration will begin December 4! 

Cost: $15/month

BodyShop Athletics X

Strength Training

Sports Specific Strength Training designed for endurance athletes can help take your triathlon, running or cycling performance to the next level.  Cain Coaching works with Bodyshop Athletics X to help make your goals a reality through sport specific strength training and dynamic exercises to be sure you have the range of motion and strength to perform your best!  Click the image below to visit their website.