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The Cain Coaching Tri Team is proud to offer a variety of training programs at Still Hopes’ State of the Art Wellness Center in West Columbia.  Still Hopes is our Premier Sponsor and gives us access to their beautiful facilities to train year-round!  We are a USA Triathlon Sanctioned Club and also participate in the Ironman TriClub Program, which grants us the benefit of early entry into IM events.  These programs are designed for all athletic levels of individuals seeking a fitness community, camaraderie and to get in shape or reach new PR’s (personal records) in a fun, encouraging, uplifting group training environment.

Swim Speed Clinic

Saturday, August 17 from 7AM to 10AM

Come swim fast, or get faster with us! The class is limited in size, so you can get the attention you need to improve your swim.

It will include:

*Underwater swim video and analysis of your swim (to be emailed after the class)

*Drills and skills to improve speed (LOTS of techniques and drills)

*Techniques and body position/alignment to improve efficiency

*6 weeks of workouts to do on your own to improve your swim

We'll go over:

Swim speed equation

Strength training to specifically improve your swim in a couple minutes after each swim (exercises for flexibility, speed, and strength to improve "feel")

We'll spend about 2.5 hours in the pool, so snacks will be provided, but please bring fluids.

Cost is $75


Swim Fundamentals Group

Registration for Following Month

This is a Swimming Fundamentals class that will take place on Monday evenings from 7:00-8:00PM beginning in July 29 and last four weeks.

The class size is limited so that you can get the help and attention needed to ensure success. This group is intended for swimmers who would like to improve their freestyle stroke, efficiency and endurance in the pool. The class size is limited, and the cost is $60/month. You will get the coached session on Monday and a specific workout to do on your own for practice each week as well as initial swim video and follow up swim video to compare progress and look for ways to continue improvement. Locker rooms and showers are available.

Water Running for Triathletes and Runners

This class is for triathletes and runners who are interested in giving their joints a break from pounding the pavement, a new method of cross training, are recovering from an injury or wanting to get back in shape.
We run in a shallow water pool and do a variety of drills and cross training methods to build strength and endurance. We focus on proper form, strengthening legs, hips, pelvic floor and core to improve run form and efficiency.
This class runs on a monthly basis and class size is limited. We meet at Still Hopes in West Columbia.
The cost is based on the number of participants (averages $10 a class most months). If the class is full the cost is less, and if it is not full the cost is slightly more.

Please fill out the form and select

Monday (7:15-8AM)

Thursday (8-9AM) 

 You will receive an email confirmation and then an invoice via email before the class once the amount is determined based on participation.  Once a class is full, you'll be placed on a waiting list in the order you register. 

You will need a swimsuit and towel, and I would highly recommend water shoes, but they are not required.

*Please note, you must withdraw from the class prior to the 20th of the previous month, and there are no refunds or withdraws available once invoices have been sent. No exceptions.

Strength and Stretch for Athletes [Slots available]

Registration for following month

This fun, effective group class will provide endurance athletes with an 30-35 minute workout specifically designed to work on problem/weak areas for athletes. Registration will be on the monthly basis, and the cost will be divided between participants each month. Class meets on Monday’s at 6:15AM or Wednesday from 7:10-7:40am. Space is limited, so click the link below to reserve your spot. 

*Please note, you must withdraw from the class prior to the 20th of the previous month, and there are no refunds or withdraws available once invoices have been sent. No exceptions.


Gift Certificates Available...

If you'd like to purchase a gift certificate for someone, please fill out this form and include the amount.  You will receive an invoice for the amount.  When the invoice is paid, you will receive a digital copy of the gift certificate via email to present to your favorite triathlete!  Gift certificates can be used for private training sessions, training plans, or training groups. 

The following policies will be effective January 1, 2018:

Group Training:

Group training is conducted at Still Hopes.  The schedule is established in advance as well as your personal training plan.  Contact the coach if you will miss training to find out what you missed.  Training fees are non-refundable.

Group Classes:

Classes are on a month by month basis.  You will be automatically enrolled in the following month unless you let the coach know by the 20th of the prior month that you would like to opt out or change your schedule.  You will receive a monthly email opt out reminder. 


Invoices are due on the date specified unless other arrangements are made in advance.  Invoices are to be paid prior to or at the start of the first class or the first day of the month for training plans.  

For invoices five days past due from the due date printed on the invoice there will be a $15 late fee. 

For invoices 30 days past due, there will be a $30 late fee. 

You can opt out for any class by the 20th of the month prior, but after the 20th, monthly class fees are non-refundable.