I’ve loved every minute if your hard pushing … It’s just what I wanted but better! Thanks for all your hard work, encouraging support, and pretty smile! B. Q.

Blanche Q.

Stefanie Cain is an EXCELLENT coach and personal trainer. She is professional, punctual and hey… she’s perky too :) She pushes her clients enough so that they improve without over-training or injury. Last year she trained 12 people, most well over 55 years old, for the Tom Hoskins Triathlon — all 12 finished with smiles and without injuries. I can’t say enough good things about her. Liz E.

Elizabeth E.

It was Nov. 16, 2013, I was sitting in my recliner watching TV and the Ironman World Championships came on. I had been in a few races about eight years earlier, but work, time, and fill in the blank excuse stopped me from racing. I had just turned 47 and was way overweight (265) and I knew I needed to get in shape. I liked to race, but I was not good at it. I decided I need to go do it even if I wasn’t good because it was time for a lifestyle change. I started walking in the morning on a treadmill. I’d watch TV on my iPad while I walked and it was good way to stay interested while I walked. The weight started to come off and by the last week in December I joined the YMCA here in Orangeburg. I did spin class Mon-Wed-Fri and Body pump on Tue-Thu. I was unable to move by Wednesday night of the first week, but stayed with it and felt much better the second week and did better in each class as I went along. I knew I needed to commit to a race so I would stay with it. I knew after I signed up and started to work on training, that I was in trouble and needed help (ok LOTS of help). I did a search and found Cain Coaching online and they specialized in older athletes, which was exactly what I was looking for since I was looking for a lifestyle change and was planning to stay with it for years. I met Stefanie and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. All aspects of training and racing have greatly improved. She performed a video analysis on my swim, and I was surprised at how horrible my stroke was. I saw things that I had no idea I was doing with my kick and stroke. In just a few months, my swim speed was just about half of what it was before. My effort to go through the water is so much less now. I never believed that I would be swimming this well ever. My run was almost as bad as my swim when I started. I thought I was a decent runner, but video analysis on that showed many problems. It didn’t take as long to fix those issues. I am faster, but my biggest improvement has been reduction of pain that I used to have when I would run. She helped me convert to a mid-foot strike instead of a HEAVY heel strike runner. I don’t have any joint pain and going out for a long run is a joy instead of the chore it used to be. My biking skills were the best of the three, but lots of room for improvement and her help on the bike has been invaluable. I am able to ride hours at a time with a good cadence and be comfortable. I am anxious to see how I’m doing at the end of this season. I was in two 70.3 races, two sprints, two Olympics and two 140.6 races the last year (2014 season) . I did over do it for the first year, but it was fun. I finished all but the last 140.6. I will say that it was in Bussellton Australia and the swim was worth the entire trip even if I didn’t finish. This year I checked with Stefanie before signing up and have a great plan going forward. She helped set goals and encourages all along the way. I plan to stay with Cain Coaching until I can’t race which I hope is well into my 80s. Matt B.

Matt B.

Yes, Stefanie definitely gets results! She was a wonderful coach for my first sprint triathlon. I will be training with her again this season for another Tri! Robyn P.

Robyn P.

Stefanie with Cain Coaching is an awesome coach that takes care and ease with her clients. I started swimming with her in November 2014 and could not put my face in the water. I was very scared of the water and Stefanie eased me into a routine that felt comfortable. Five months later, I can now swim freestyle, which was my initial goal. I look forward to swimming with Stefanie more and learning her invaluable tips and encouragement. Thanks so much Stefanie! Melissa P

Melissa P


Changing your life, one pedal, stroke and kick at a time

Eight years ago, I decided that I was through with being a couch potato.  I hadn’t been physically active since my high school gym days and now, firmly entrenched in middle age, I was starting to feel my age.  I started small, signing up for my company’s very first run-a-mile program.  Not only was I starting small, I was also starting slowly…very slowly.  I eventually progressed to 5Ks, 10ks and numerous half-marathons.   But I wanted something else.

I desperately wanted to try a triathlon but there was a slight problem.  Actually there were three problems.  I didn’t know how to swim other than a crude dog paddle, hadn’t ridden a bike in decades and my running pace was a snail’s pace due to my size and injuries.   Then I met Stefanie Cain.

Stefanie realized that my biggest challenge wasn’t physical, it was mental.  I was absolutely terrified.  With her coaching, I managed to get past my “I can’t do this” mind set and quickly started to feel like I could do it after all.  The first time I ever swam the length of the pool without gasping for breath and flailing like a drowning cockroach, Stefanie was there cheering my accomplishment.   She was there when I rode my first bike with gears and hand brakes and taught me how to get up those pesky hills without stopping two or three times.  She showed me how to change my running shuffle to a power walk that not only saved my aching knees but was actually just as fast as my run.

Stefanie is excellent at working with athletes of all ages, sizes and abilities and I have trained with her in both group and individual settings.  She was quickly able to assess my needs and abilities and gave me a workout that was challenging but not daunting.   I am now a proud member of the Still Hopes Triathlon team and placed in my age group at the Sumter Triathlon.  Without Stefanie, I never would have taken that first bike ride or free style stroke.  She helped me overcome my fears and reach my dream of being a triathlete.  

Patricia H.

When I decided to enter another triathlon after 5 years had passed since my last one I knew I needed a coach and an organized training program to get back in shape and prepare.  Thank goodness I found Stefanie and Cain Coaching!  Stefanie provided just the right amount of encouragement, plans for training and instruction during class.  She was an absolute joy to work with and I actually found my self looking forward to class each week.  She customized a plan for each of us and sent tips along the way based on our skill levels and progress in class.  Best of all she provided me with a set of goals for each area of the triathlon to strive for during the race…it was awesome motivation!  Thank you Stefanie for helping me to be ready for the triathlon and proud of my results! Leigh M.

Leigh M.